Paul Geraeds

Center Parcs Europe

 "Yvonne is an expert in the area of market research, and can be best described as: intelligent, adequate, professional, friendly, punctual,  patient, analytical, and following through."

Jan Urlings

Delta Marktonderzoek

 “Yvonne is great to work with. During the past 15 years I experienced Yvonne's quality of work over and over again; as colleague at Research International and Delta Marktonderzoek; as client at Center Parcs. She has all the necessary qualities which make her a great market research expert. Yvonne always delivers, both fast and precise. And she's helpful and full of initiative; thus contributing to the consumer and business insights which enable marketers to make decisions and take action.”

Jerric Wong

Philips Electronics

"Yvonne had an excellent relationship with many contacts, and she effectively scheduled and managed her projects. I am sure that she will be a dedicated and highly talented asset to the organisation who secures her services."

Els Molenaar

Blauw Research

“I've worked with 'great pleasure with Yvonne for a number of years. Yvonne is a true market research professional with great analytical skills. She has worked at clients- as well as at the agencies side and that's one of the reasons that she really understands how to deliver the answers that are needed. She is a valuable sparring partner for agencies and for internal clients, because she understands both sides of the job. Moreover she is a very cheerful, warm and friendly colleague to work with.”

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